Saskatchewan Sunflower Committee

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To promote the advancement of sunflowers in Saskatchewan
Sunflower researcher Bill May and his research work
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"The road to freedom is lined with sunflowers"...Martin Firrell

Sunflowers and sclerotinia

Rotational Considerations

Sunflowers are susceptible to the fungal disease  Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. As a result, careful planning of your rotations should be done.

Intercropping sunflowers

Intercropping sunflower and soybean in intensive farming systems: Evaluating yield advantage and effect on weed and insect assemblages
lElba la FuenteaSusana A.SuárezbAdriana E.LenardisaSantiago L.Poggioc


Intercropping Sunflower with
Soyabeans Enhances Total Crop

V.I.O. Olowe, O.A. Adebimpe