Saskatchewan Sunflower Committee

Desmond McKenzie

Vice President
Jim Thorson

Walter Cowan

Desmond farms in the Tribune area and has been growing sunflowers for over 20 years.
Jim farms in the Penzance area and has been growing sunflowers for over 30 years. He is also a former director on the National Sunflower Association of Canada sunflower board.
Walter is retired from the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool.  He was involved in many sunflower trials and did a fair amount of sunflower research for the Pool.

Sherri Roberts

Sherri is the Provincial Regional Crops Specialist for the SouthEastern region. She also maintains this website so if there is anything you would like to see on this site or if you have any questions in regard to this site, please contact her.
[email protected]

Board Members

Matthew Bernard -Provincial Oilseed Specialist

Elaine Moats

Amy Brown

Ellis Clayton

Cliff Powlowski

Les Williams

Willie Delport


Clayton Kessler

The Duties of the Committee shall be to:

Obtain new sunflower cultivars from private and public institutions and arrange for fresh seed of check cultivars for use in comparative trials.

Set and obtain fees for this testing program and to distribute these monies in an equitable manner for conducting official trials.

Conduct standard tests of new cultivars at a minimum of three locations to provide reliable data on their performance.

Evaluate performance of sunflower cultivars for production in Saskatchewan.

Prepare an annual performance report of the results of the testing program and provide this to those submitting entries into the trial.

Present the performance report to the expert committees on grain breeding, grain quality and grain disease and make recommendations on candidate cultivars.

Publish recommendations for producers and the industry concerning cultivar performance, agronomic practices and pest protection measures.

Conduct tours, seminars and other events to promote the sunflower industry in Saskatchewan.

Encourage and promote research in sunflower production and protection.

To identify, promote and facilitate the approval of technology for sunflower production.

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